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Spirulina Powder

Featured in: Blue-tiful Bowl, Golden Coast, Pitaya the Tiger, Straight Up Greens

Discover the nutritional powerhouse of spirulina powder. Derived from a blue-green algae plant found in oceans and salty-lakes, it brings both visual appeal and an array of health benefits to our bowls. This superfood is packed with essential nutrients such as iron, beta-carotene, and non-animal protein, making it a valuable addition to any diet. Its antioxidant-rich nature not only gives our bowls their stunning blue swirls but also targets chronic inflammation associated with various diseases.

Indulging in our Blue-tiful Bowl means treating yourself to a visually captivating and anti-inflammatory delight that nourishes your body from the inside out. The bowl is packed with blue spirulina powder in its base and in its coconut yogurt swirl on top. The powder can be found on top of our other bowls in store. Experience the magic of blue spirulina powder and embark on a journey towards both beauty and wellness.

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