Studio Classes

Our Bright Studio is host for some of the most talented local teachers! Classes range from HIIT, to Kids' Yoga, to Scholastic programming! Keep in touch as more classes are added to the calendar!


Jamie Rissman


60 Minutes Whole Body Pilates  CORE | HIIT | CARDIO

Train every Saturday in April with Jamie’s game-changing 60 minute WHOLE BODY workout to get STRONGER, more FLEXIBLE, and improve your MOBILITY.


Movement Junkies

movement junkies.jpg

Kids Yoga Classes

Mon - You and me @ 10:00-10:45

Wed - Bright Tots @ 9:30-10:15

Thur - Bright Tots @ 9:30-10:15

Sat   - Warrior Kid's Yoga @ 10:00-10:50

           Warrior Kid's Yoga @ 11:00-12:00



Dance Sculpt


This class is perfect for those that want to tone without the dance cardio. Set to energizing music, work your entire body with various exercises to elongate and sculpt.

* You'll need a yoga mat and 2 to 5 lb weights. 

Tuesdays @ 9:30 



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